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Let’s face it, we could all use a little help remembering things. That’s where we can help. Slow Hammerheads is a mobile application that provides timely reminders for all of your key gift dates and allows sharing of gift lists among close friends and family.  


With Slow Hammerheads, you’ll get gentle nudges and perfect gift ideas for every special occasion. We’re here to “mako” things better. You’ll never forget to remember.

Pick the shark that sounds most like you.

It’s your ocean, we’re just swimming in it. You set the example for the rest of us. Unfortunately, ‘the rest of us’ have a dual problem: we can’t remember birthdays or anniversaries, even standing holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day catch us napping. AND we always spend too much on the wrong gift while panic-buying.


Slow Hammerheads was built for you. Now you can give your loved ones the gift of remembering and offer them great gift ideas at the same time. Just between us, this app was created to make ‘the rest of us’ more like you.


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We hear you. For you, shopping is a dreaded chore. How many times have you posed this question to a loved one a day before a special occasion: “What do you want this year?” Sounds logical and you may even be proud of yourself for remembering. But listen, fellow hammerhead, you can’t take credit for being thoughtful just because your brain suddenly kicked in at the eleventh hour. It’s obvious you forgot and haven’t bought a thing.


Thanks to Slow Hammerheads, your brain can be used for other things. You’ll never have to ask inconsiderate questions again. The Slow Hammerheads mobile app allows your loved ones to load gift ideas on to their wishlist, which they share with you. They can even supply links to items that allow you to simply click and buy. You’ll even get reminders to visit their list prior to their special day. Yes. It’s that easy. You’ll go from gift zero to gift hero.


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We get it. You’ve got a lot swimming around in that sharky brain. From grandpa’s recipe to grill the perfect rack of ribs to recalling the MVP of the 1998 Super Bowl, there’s only so much you can remember.


You need help with the dates that require some gift-giving love.


Slow Hammerheads is the cure for your temporary amnesia. The Slow Hammerheads app sends timely reminders via text and email, giving you ample warning when important dates are approaching. You get plenty of notice and have access to great gift ideas from all of your gift-worthy group by accessing their wishlist.


That’s what we mean when we say: you’ll never forget to remember.


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When it comes to meeting all the standards of key gift-giving occasions, you’re like a school of shrimp running into a great white maneater. Your gene for procrastination is strong. On your own, you have no chance. You’re the hammerhead that spends too much money on last minute gifts or misses the mark so badly that your loved one has to sneak your “gift” to goodwill when you’re not looking.


Wave goodbye to those days.


Slow Hammerheads was designed for you. Now your loved ones don’t have to depend on a desperate “Hail Mary” to save the day. You get reminders of upcoming gift-worthy dates. You also get gift ideas straight from your loved ones by accessing their wishlists.


Now, you’ll be seen as a thoughtful hammerhead.


Just remember to download the app to your phone.


Don’t wait!!


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